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You don't have to wait for Joshua Villarreal to come to a city near you. With the Travelers Program, you can visit Phoenix, Arizona any time of the year to experience training with one of the top basketball trainers in the world.


Joshua's experience training 20+ NBA Players, Dozens of Semi-Pros and College Players, and thousands of kids of all age and skill ranges have sculpted a truly unique approach to basketball training. With a detailed curriculum, Joshua breaks down the why, what, when, and how for every teaching point and drill. This approach makes it so that every participant, no matter their level of understanding of basketball, is guaranteed to increase their knowledge of the game.



The Travelers Program is open to Players, Parents, Trainers, and Coaches that have the desire to understand the game on a deeper level. Domestic & International travelers over the age of 11 years old are welcome to participate.

PLayer's Travelers Program

Skill development is one of the most important aspects of a player’s individual development. Working on individual skills in Ball Handling, Footwork, Finishing, Shooting, and Passing gives a player the foundation they need to succeed on the court at all levels of the game. With the Skilled Game Traveler’s Program, player’s not only work on these fundamental categories, but are given detailed breakdowns of how these skills transfer to the game and what options open up for them when they apply those skills. To help player’s understand at a deeper level, Joshua utilizes game film in every session to give player’s visual examples of what they’re learning being used at the highest level and also has player’s immediately put the skills into practice with live competition. 

What player’s take from the experience


  • Game transfer of skills

  • Terminology

  • A deeper and more detailed understanding of Basketball 

  • How to structure their own workouts moving forward


Participants receive:


  • 1-on-1, Semi-Private, and/or Small Group (6 player limit) Training

  • Access to the App for 6-months to 1-Year (see programs)

  • Professional In-Session Photography & Videography 

  • Skilled Game Merchandise 

COACHES & TRAINERS Travelers Program

Come learn and receive mentorship from Joshua in skill development, game application of skills, and business. 


Some objectives you will cover include


  • Progressive skill development 

  • Game transfer of skills

  • Terminology

  • Teaching differentials in various skill levels 

  • How to structure training sessions like a pro

  • Insight on how to run a successful training business anywhere

  • Mentorship on other various topics 


Participants in Programs of 15 hours or more receive:


  • Observation, Training Assistance, & Training Hours

  • A 1-on-1 Skill Breakdown Session with Joshua

  • Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 1-year

  • Professional Photography & Videography

  • Skilled Game Merchandise 

  • Certificate of Completion ( Digital & Physical ) 

  • Personalized Website Landing Page for your marketing use


Participants in Programs of 12 hours or less receive:


  • Observation & Training Assistance Hours

  • Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 6 months

  • Professional Photography & Videography

  • Skilled Game Merchandise 

Submit a request for your desired dates and your chosen program below to get started

8 Hours: 3-4 Days


• 8 Hours 

• Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 6 months


15 Hours: 5-7 Days


• 15 Hours 

• Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 6 months


30 Hours: 14-16 Days


• 30 Hours 

• Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 1 year

DSC06106 2_edited_edited.jpg

12 Hours: 4-6Days


• 12 Hours 

• Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 6 months

DSC03779 2.jpg

20 Hours: 8-10 Days


• 20 Hours 

• Access to the Skilled Game Virtual Academy for 1 year


Custom Program


Request a custom program for your specific needs. 

  • Custom programs can include 1-on-1 and small group hours. 

REquest your Travel Dates

Submit this form to request booking dates for your traveler's program

Requests will be reviewed and approved based on scheduling availability. 

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