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السفر العالمي على مدار العام


احجز مواعيد فعاليتك
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احجز مواعيد فعاليتك

الأحداث التي جرت على مدار العام للولايات

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Joshua has been traveling the world to run camps since 2018. Thousands of players, trainers, and coaches at all levels of the game in 15 countries and 5 continents have experienced Joshua’s unique methods and detailed approach to Basketball Training.


Joshua specializes in Skill Development and teaches players how to transfer the skills they learn in training into the game. He aims to impact every player's understanding of the game by giving detailed instruction and new ways to approach their development. Joshua’s teaching allows players to expand their creativity and gives them confidence to know when and how to use the skills he teaches when playing.

Some areas that he typically approaches in camps and clinics include: 


• Forward and Lateral Movement

• Variations of Stop Footwork

• Creating Space backwards

• Finishing Footwork

• Shooting off the Catch

• Off Hand Protection

• Change of Pace Footwork


His goal is to continue to impact the global sport of basketball by passing on his knowledge to players, coaches, and trainers in as many places around the world as possible. If you’re ready to elevate the game in your community and learn from Joshua firsthand, send us a request to run a Skilled Game camp for 2024. 


*** Joshua’s primary language is English. He also speaks Spanish fluently and has run many bilingual camps in Spanish-speaking countries. ***

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